Top slicing? Slizza, St Canna, Canton

Beer and pizza is one of those things that just go together, like Morcambe and Wise, roast beef and (only with beef) Yorkshire pudding and this blog and typos.

The perceived wisdom is that beer is the libation to take with your pizza, but a newish venture based at the back of St. Canna Ale House in Canton, has gone further and integrated the beer into the process on a much more fundamental basis, with the pizza dough being made using beer.

Whilst I suspect this combo may make many a Neapolitano go puce with rage, I am always game to try things I haven’t had before (and there is no faux claim of Neapolitan authenticity here).

The list of pizza with this signature beer (from Cardiff’s Rival Brewery) imbued base includes classics such as your basic margarita and pepperoni. It also goes a bit left field with a Bolognese topping (said Neapolitian has now internally combusted) and there is the accursed pineapple in the mix. The latter not my cup of tea at all on a pizza, but horses for courses and clearly some people like pineapple on a pizza (god knows why, mind). There is also a wide section of vegan pizzas, for those so inclined.

Ordering is pretty easy online, with the option of delivery or pick up from the premise (at the back of St Canna Ale House – whose rather nice back courtyard was duly noted by me for future reference post the outdoor opening date of the 26th April – when no doubt rainfall of Biblical proportions will commence).It is nice to see all is made to order at the alloted time. I was 5 mins early and it was a case of it will be ready shortly (rather than here are some we made earlier).

I wiled away those 5 mins talking to a chap also waiting for his pizza. Seemed nice enough, but was revealed as a dangerous lunatic when his order of a margerita with added pineapple was called out. You just never know do you!

I went for the Johnny 5 (pepperoni), Mrs. SF’s go to, and out of (morbid at least at first) curiosity the 1,1,2,3,5,13 (Bolognese topping).

All boxed up, I bombed it back to home base in the jalopy and it was gratifying to find both pizzas had retained their heat very well.

Both the Johnny 5and the 1,1,2,3,5,13had very generous levels of toppings with nice gooey cheese and a good base tomato sauce (nice herby hit to it, with a good level of acidity).

Despite my scepticism as to Bolognese/meat ragu as a pizza topping, I thought it worked rather well.

It was actually a pretty good meat sauce, which had been cooked down properly with again a nice hit of herbs.

In both cases care had been taken to apportion the toppings evenly so as to avoid slice envy.

The base and crust are more thick crust, without crispiness, due to the beer I suspect.

Whilst I tend to prefer a thinner, crust and base, this was still very nice, with a good light and airy texture.

All in all a pretty good pizza, I thought, and certainly one to add to the growing list of places to get a decent pizzas in Cardiff.

The booze

The link between Slizza’s pizzas and beer is not only in the dough, with the ability online to add beers to your order.

I am not (other than sours) a huge beer drinker, but I think the perceived wisdom is that IPAs go with pepperoni and other meat based pizza, with the Rival’s West Coast IPA on the list thus seeming to fit that bill (particularly as it is the beer they tend to use in the dough).

I was (as ever) in the mood for wine and whilst an Italian wine may have been the more obvious choice, a Sangiovese or a Barbara perhaps,I had a rioja (as ever) that needed finishing off and it is a very versatile wine so worked quite well with the pizzas here.Nice (not too domineering) touch of oak, with the vanilla that comes with it, and plummy fruit. As I have said previously, this is a steal at under £8.

As for a pineapple adorned pizza,  pairing is tricky – toilet duck perhaps (I would say a riesling if you really have to go pineapple)?!

The verdict

Another very decent pizza offering to add to the already burgeoning list of good pizza places in Cardiff.

Whilst I tend to prefer a thinner, crispier, base and crust, I know others (J included) are more enamoured with a softer base and crust.

Despite my preference, this was a very enjoyable pizza.

Would I order again? Yes, I would happily munch on one of these whilst drinking in St. Canna Ale House’s backyard.

The details

Order on line at the following website:

Click and collect or delivery via Ubereats or Deliveroo.



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