11 out of 10 for this pizza? Eleven Ten Pizza, Tudor Street, Cardiff.

I am always keen to try out new places (on top of revisiting old favourites) and I love a good wood fired pizza. As a result a new pizza place within easy reach of my work (with me trying to get back in the office at least once a week) seemed right up my street – Tudor Street in this instance, with Eleven Ten Pizza Co.

A new kid on the block in terms of Cardiff’s very strong pizza game, Eleven Ten Pizza Co’s. opening seems to have coincided with some major road works on Tudor Street. 

At first blush the location does not look that promising, being out of the centre and on a road subject to major disruption. With the developments around the train station and the multitude of offices in situ or going up around Wood Street, however, this place is just a short walk from a potentially very substantial customer base (once normality returns and the developments are completed).  This could actually be very canny siting (in the medium to long term) in the somewhat down at heel (but soon to be spruced up) Tudor Street, where I bet rents are a faction of those in the City centre.

Inside it is pretty utilitarian, with the set up clearly focused predominately on the takeaway market.

There is, however, a table and chairs  where you can eat in and the full gamut of the menu is available for eat in

Fine looking menu it is too, with lots of interests, with all of their 10′ pizze  sourdough based (every one from a sourdough starter called Stanley born back in 2014  – according to the website – amazingly the oldest ongoing starter is over 120 years old and still going).

Both carnivores and vegans are well catered for, although I must admit I was a bit surprised to see a merguez (spicy lamb sausage from the Maghreb, at least in my world) on one of the vegan numbers (a vegan merguez – begone abomination – I can only presume).

I rather liked the sounds of a lot (vegan merguez aside) on the menu, with some interesting as well as classic combos and use of top quality ingredients (such as Trealy Farm charcuterie), but the specials looked rather good (including on the value front) and the tight arse in me (never far from the surface) won the day.

As it was lunch the meal deal was a bit too much gluttony even for me, so it was the lunch special at a very reasonable £6. Very nice sounding pizza in the form of a fennel sausage and roasted red pepper number.

Fine looking beast this, with an abundance of spicy, fennel seed heavy, sausage (if being ultra picky I would have preferred smaller, more widely distributed, pieces) and sweet red peppers.

Nice base tomato sauce, with a pleasing balance of sweetness and acidity, and a good amount of creamy flor di latte mozzerella.

Good airy crust on it too, with a nice base. Not too crispy, but also not too floppy – so hitting the sweet spot for me.

Good pizza this.

Some nice sounding sides are also available, which can be added to supplement your order (and are part of the meal deal – which looks an absolute steal for a tenner).

I particularly like the sound of the charred tenderstem, tapenade and toasted almonds.

On the drinks front the menu is very limited, with a small number of soft drink cans. If you eat in there are no glasses.

I went for the blood orange, which was nice enough – not much more to say on the drinks front.

In an ideal world, if I was eating in, the option of a beer would be nice.

The verdict

All in all I was pretty impressed with the pizza offering from Eleven Ten.

Certainly another feather in Cardiff’s increasingly impressive pizza cap. A score of 11/10? Perhaps not, but certainly a solid 8/10 I would say.

Would I go back? Definitely – very nice place for a lunchtime pizza feed and I will certainly also consider their takeaway offering. The lunch time specials and meal deal options are particularly good value.

The details

Address:  6 Tudor Street, Cardiff, CF11 6AF

Website: https://www.eleventenpizza.co.uk/


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