The breakfast kit that is second to naan – Dishoom Bacon Naan Roll Kit

Usually a make at home bacon sarnie kit would have me tutting and muttering “For f*ck’s sake, it will be a bloody boiled egg and soliders kit next” – I would wager mind that J would buy that!! My usual disgust for a “kit” for such a simple thing was, however, put on hold in terms of the Dishoom bacon naan roll.

Ok here we are clearly talking about a kit to make a bacon sarnie, but apparently this is not just any bacon sarnie this a Dishoom bacon naan roll (copyright fee duly paid to M&S).

I have always heard good things about the Dishoom bacon naan roll and when browsing for new things to eat to alleviate the tedium of lockdown I noticed this option to deliver.  With restrictions still depressingly all encompassing (not seen either parent for 6 months +), I thought I may as well give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. To cut down on the delivery fee I got two packs (one for me and Mrs. SF and one for J).
Nice packaging (all these insulated with natural fibres boxes of food must be a huge boon for the wool industry),with the goodies all neatly sub divided.Nice to see an extra dough ball in case you f’ff one up (more on that later), with some quality smoked streaky bacon (equated to 4 decent rashers each).Instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow (even for me).

First job was to roll out the dough to a nice thin thickness and diameter of around 20cmEach one was started off on a very hot frying pan/flat top (I used a crêpe pan) to cook the bottomand is then popped under a very hot grill to finish the top off. 

My advice is watch it like a hawk and err on the side of caution in terms of taking it out.

My first one I caught just in time (probably bit over if truth be told),

but a second one was too well done and the centre collapsed.The third one was bob on (well I thought so – bit over on bottom perhaps).

Practice makes perfect as they say.

If I do naan bread again, I think (weather permitting) I will deploy the Ooni.  A hot stone base and fire would seem to me to be as close to a tandoor oven as I will be able to get.

Once the naan is done, you slather it is cream cheese (seems odd, but it works very well),then add the bacon, tomato – chilli jam and coriander.I added a fried egg (not provided in the pack) for good measure.

I was very pleased with the result, more sarnie than roll,which looked pretty good and tasted fab. Nice chew to the naan, with the cream cream an unexpectedly fine replacement for butter, and the smokiness of the bacon marrying very well with the heat and sweet of the tomato-chilli jam.

Coriander added freshness and the runny fried egg (which I think was a good addition) further lubrication.

All in all a very fine rift on a traditional bacon (and egg) sarnie.


In the pack you get the tea and spices to make the Dishoom masala chai.Easy to make and a damn fine chai it was too, with a nice balance of heat, sweet and spice and then creaminess from the milk.

A perfect accompaniment for the bacon naan roll.

The verdict

Really enjoyed the whole package here, with it being fun to make and delicious to eat. Can totally see why it is so popular on the menu at Dishoom.

I thought the chai tea was a nice touch. Really good flavour to it and there was plenty of it, with it being a really interesting spin on the Brit classic of a bacon butty and a cuppa.

You can upgrade to booze with a mimosa for 2 kit (just chai more my cup of tea – excuse the pun – but am sure others will be interested in a morning cocktail).

I do really like this cook at home stuff – take the tricky bits out, but gives you the satisfaction of making something.

Cost wise it isnt cheap, with the box for 2 coming in at £17 plus delivery. That delivery charge adds a fair whack to the bill at £5. J and I doubled up so it equated to £19.50 each (for two naan rolls and enought masala chai  for 4 decent sized cups) per pack.

If you upgrade to the mimosa kit the total price (naan kit, chai and  mimosas) goes up to £32 (plus delivery).

Would I order again? Yes, fun to make and fab to eat. I think it is worth the money, when it is quite substantial with the plentiful masala chai thrown in. 

I also like the meal for a meal idea, with Dishoom donating a breakfast to a child (via Magic Breakfast in the UK and the Ashkaya Patra Foundation in India) for each kit you buy.

The details

Order on the website at:

Delivery is nationwide on a Friday.

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