Pastures anew and now breakfast fodder too – Grazing Shed, St Mary Street, Cardiff.


I am not usually a breakfast person, with my standard start to the morning a strong short coffee and that is it. Not ideal for the health police’s point of view I know, but it works for me (still alive and not clinically obese etc.)

Every so often I do, however, enjoy something more substantial (non muesli related) of a morning and the new breakfast menu at the Grazing Shed’s relatively recently opened second Cardiff outlet (on St. Mary Street) had more than a little appeal to me. Salivated on reading it is what I did.

So enamoured with the menu was I that I came into work early in order to have time (before knuckling down to the hard slog of the daily grind) to scoff something off their breakfast menu.

The place

Not much to say really – it is a fast food joint, but it has a less plastic, more organic, feel to it than many a place of its ilk. A cut above most with its simple, but functional, design.


Does the job for me.

I particularly like the stuff on the wall detailing, in a non sterile way, where they source their ingredients.


Nice touch that.

I rolled in at about 8am on a rainy Wednesday and it was quite quiet, with only me and one other diner.

The food

I really was spoilt for choice with the breakfast menu, with butties, buns and waffles, encasing pork or beef, to choose from. Veggies/vegans are also catered for with two options (a kale fritter number and a smashed avocado number) that sound quite nice.


After toying with a rather fine sounding sausage, egg and cheese concoction, I was finally swayed by that American/Belgium classic – waffles (know their carbs the Belgiums having great fries – using the proper condiment to my mind of mayonnaise – as well as waffles ). Here the waffles came with a Welsh rump steak beef patty, an egg and mustard and maple syrup (£5). What’s not to like about that, I hear you say.

On ordering, I was told it would take 5 minutes to cook which I was more than happy with. I did enquire if I could have it cooked medium rare, but was told it had to be cooked to 70°c plus (edict from the health and safety police apparently) which to me is medium – well done. I assume this is due to the meat not being ground in-house for their patties (I cook mine to 59 – 60°c at home, but mince the meat myself).

After less than 5 minutes my order arrived, alas it was not what I thought I had ordered being in a bun. It looked very nice, but was sent back.

In hindsight, I think the confusion here was there are two items on the menu called “steak ‘n’ egg” – one with waffles and one with a bun. I didn’t realise this when I ordered and I think they assumed I had ordered one with a bun and I assumed I had ordered one with waffles. Probably my fault, but it might be an idea to maybe call them different things on the menu or to ask at the point of order “with waffles or a bun” to avoid confusing thickies like me. My excuse is I am not at my sharpest in the morning.

They dealt with me sending it back with very good grace and after a further wait my “steak ‘n” eggs” with waffles arrived.

The waffles (I was told I got an extra quarter due to the order mix up – very good customer service as it is debatable who was at fault) were excellent and very light – with a nice sweetness from the maple syrup.

It was a shame that the egg was not runny, as I was looking forwarded to the yolk oozing all over the waffles.


It was only just over and with 10 odd seconds less would have been suitably runny.

The burger as expected was medium to well (not my preference, but I was warned)


It had a nice flavour to it, but was just a tad underseasoned for my taste (but I am a bit of a salt fiend). A shake of the salt cellar on the table sorted this.

For breakfast, the portion size was just right (actually a bit too much for a non breakfast eater like me, with the extra waffle quarter I got – so the standard portion would have been spot on for me).

The drink
On the morning menu they do various coffee options, tea and hot chocolate. I went for coffee (£1 for a filter one – if ordered with bun, waffle etc.), which came black with a recommendation by the barista it was kept that way.


The coffee is from “the Plug Coffee Company” and it was a nice fruity number and excellent value for the £1 price tag. The barista was right about it being best kept black.

The verdict

Non runny egg and medium – well done cooking of the patty aside (latter is just my preference and for others may well be just right), I enjoyed my breakfast at the Grazing Shed. Tasty and filling was what it was and a good new option in the City centre to help offset a hangover or to fortify one for shopping hell before and/or after Christmas.

Service was very good and they dealt with me being, unintentionally, a bit of a “pain in the arse” customer very professionally and with a smile. They even gave me a fully stamped loyalty card (which entitles me to a free burger).


Very kind and way above and beyond on the customer service front. I think it would be somewhat disingenuous of me to use it bearing in mind it was at least in part (possibly mostly) my fault and on looking at the receipt when I got into the office (I didn’t at the point of ordering) they did only charged me for a steak ‘n’ egg bun rather than a steak ‘n’ egg waffle. Grazing Shed, I am sorry, I owe you a pound.

Would I go back? Yes enjoyed it. Would suggest clarifying the menu, so the waffle steak ‘n’ egg is called something different from the bun ‘steak ‘n’ egg (or asking on taking order if bun or waffle wanted). A runny egg and a bit more maple syrup (can never be enough of that stuff mind – would bath in it if I could) would have made what was good, better.



37 St. Mary Street
CF10 1AD

Tel: 07599 882363

Breakfast: Mon – Sun: 7am – 11am


Twitter: @thegrazingshed



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