Who’s a good “cafe” then, oh yes you are! Fido, Pontcanna, Cardiff.

Being a dog owner (and generally, a few exceptions aside, preferring the company of dogs to humans), as well as a food obsessive, I am always on the look out for dog friendly place to eat and Fido (in the unit in Pontcanna that use to be occupied by Kemi’s) looked to fit the bill nicely.

Often the people friendly (rather than the usual dog friendly) sign on the outside of a place is a trite and meaningless platitude (with no actual quarter given to a dog’s presence)

but here it is actually a true statement of intent.

Dog treats and dog paraphernalia abound inside and dogs are most certainly more than welcome. They even have their own menu section.

For us humans there is plenty of interest too,

on both the savoury and sweet fronts

I settled down (oddly sans le chien) in the rather nice space

to peruse the quite extensive menu.

After much deliberation, I went for the red onion and Pant Mawr goats cheese quiche, with an added side of shredded beetroot, beetroot leaves (new one on me) and orange.

Nice looking plate I thought, slightly tarnished by an under/undressed baby spinach leaf garnish and the quiche having been clearly reheated in the microwave (giving the expected crisp pastry a bit of a limp dick – the new soggy bottom – effect).

The filling was rather good, with the sweetness of the onion working well as against the tangy sourness of the goats cheese. It also lacked the overt egginess that mars many a quiche. If the pastry had not been exposed to microwaves this would have been๐Ÿ‘Œ.

The stars of the shows, however, were the supporting acts in the form of a beetroot salad and a cracking chutney.

Nice earthiness from the shredded beetroot and the beet leaves, with the latter also bringing a subtle sweetness to the proceedings. The orange brought a lovely sharpness and citrus tang that worked really well with the beets. Very much enjoyed this.

The accompanying chutney was also excellent.

Tomato based, with really good spicing including nigella seeds (I think).

On the drinks front there is plenty of interest,

including some rather unorthodox soft drinks. A seemingly very untraditional lemonade, for instance, seemed to feature no lemons at all.

After mulling over the wine (๐Ÿ˜ƒ), as a wine lover I tend to oppose mucking about with wine and actually prefer mulled cider, I plumped for an untraditional tea (well actually a cortado, the king of coffees, but two can play at this “untrad” game).

and very pleasant it was too. Rich and chocolatey, it was gratifyingly hot.

The verdict

Rather liked this place, with lots to appeal to humans and dogs alike. My dog, Oscar, was rather aghast when I got back that I didn’t take him.

Next time boy, next time.

Nice little spot for breakfast, lunch or tea, solo or with man’s best friend in tow, this.

The detail

Address: 186 – 188 King’s Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9DF

Website: https://fidocoffee.com/


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