What no meat, oh crumbs! Lunch at Crumbs Vegetarian Kitchen, Cardiff.

Readers of the blog can have no doubt that I am an avowed and voracious carnivore. I love meat in nearly all its guises and very much adhere to a nose to tail policy of eating nearly every part of an animal (knowingly or unknowingly so). Brain (in larger animals) is pretty much the only part I have been known to really baulk at.

A many times postponed lunch time catch up with J (many newer readers may have no idea who I am referring to here as she has only featured on the blog once this year) was prefaced by a request for it to be a light lunchtime meal only and something wholesome. 

Can’t say I frequent many places that offer what I would regard as light and wholesome (always think boring rabbit food when food is described as such), but having walked past Crumbs in Morgan Arcade in Cardiff City centre (which bills itself as a vegetarian cafe) the day before it immediately sprung to mind.

The place

Spilling out into the beautiful Morgan Arcade in the City centre, it has (to me) a rather lovely facade. It has been there as long as I can remember and bearing in mind the length of time I have lived in Cardiff that is a long time and a fair few economic downturns to survive. It must, therefore, be doing something right.

Inside it is quite compact downstairs, but with extra room upstairs and outside (but under cover) there is plenty of room. Needs it too as it is a popular spot.

The food

Bar from Southern Indian food, vegetarian food doesn’t tend to excite me hugely, but in addition to this old stalwart of the veggie scene a number of veggie/vegan places have started to pop up in Cardiff. Places like Atma in the centre and  Milgi and the vegan Anna Loka in the burbs and not forgetting the lovely Vegetarian Food Studio have massively increased the profile of veggie food in Cardiff.

The menu at Crumbs is predominately focused on salads and jacket potatoes, 

but also covers hot food such as soups, chillis, lasagnes, pies and quiches (all meat free, of course).

Salads seemed to be the most popular options on our visit, with prices (for eat in) ranging from £3.85 (small bowl-  a selection of 3 salads) to £5.85 (large bowl – a selection of 6 salads). To these base salads extras can be added for a variety of additional costs

J went for a small salad to which she added extras of cottage cheese and sweet potato pakoras

All the salads were lovely and fresh and their trademark wooden bowls hold a deceptively large amount – meaning there was a very decent sized portion for the price of about £5.30 (I think – base price + the add ons). Very nice was J’s view and from the taste I had it was difficult to argue with that conclusion

I went for quiche which has (particularly for someone like me who grew up in the 70s) always had something of an image problem. They can be bland, a little boring and all a bit repressed middle class surburbia a la Abigail’s Party. Crumbs’ broccoli and stilton number, however, really packed a punch flavour wise with the blue cheese much in evidence but not overpoweringly so. Warmed up it was really rather lovely

I added a nice crunchy and chunky coleslaw. For the total price of £4.65, it was a very pleasant and filling lunch. My only gripes (yes there usually is one I know, but I am afraid I am a fussy bugger) were the slightly pricey  £1.30 for the added coleslaw (it was a big portion though) and the fact that the side salad that came with the quiche was undressed. I am not at all keen on undressed salad and found it odd that this was the case here, as the place centres on salad.  Minor issues though, as over all I thought my quiche very nice.

For those with a sweet tooth there are a variety of decent looking cakes on offer. The morello cherry and vanilla one sounded lovely.  Interesting all seem to be vegan friendly.

The drink

Crumbs has a decent selection of hot drinks including the option of soya for those that are adverse to dairy.

A new one on me on the menu here in the form of a bamboo coffee. Have come across bamboo tea before, but never bamboo coffee. I was tempted to try it but it was a warm day so soft drinks where in order

I had a large apple juice (£1.95) and J a boring diet coke (not sure of price but think £1.25).

The verdict

For a dedicated carnivore like me Crumbs is not perhaps my first port of call for lunch, but it made for a pleasant change from the norm and J and I very much enjoyed our lunch there.

Price wise, all in at around £13.50 for the two of us, I thought it pretty decent value too.

Would I go back? Yes definitely. Lovely little spot if you fancy a meat free lunch.

The details


33 Morgans Arcade


CF10 1AF

Tel: 02920 395007

Twitter: @crumbskitchen

Websiteclick here

Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 9.00 – 16.00

Sat: 9.00 – 16:30

Sun: 10.00 – 15:30

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