The land of milk and yummy – Milk & Sugar, Cardiff.


Due rather absent mindedly (my age I fear) to me forgetting the lunch I had carefully prepared the evening before I was somewhat at a loss as to what to do for lunch in work one day a couple of weeks ago. We do have an in-house restaurant/canteen but can’t say I am much fussed on it.

I am also not keen on the bland meal deal sandwiches often on offer in the supermarkets and much prefer independents. Close by my work are the very good Fresh and Bombers sandwich bars, but I recalled a very nice lunch I had at Milk & Sugar (when they had just opened) and decided that was the one for me.

Whilst a bit of a walk for me, it was a nice day (at least on the way there – not so nice on way back, but that is the Welsh weather for you) and I certainly need the exercise so off I went.

The place

It is a buzzing little place with a very genial owner (for some reason he really reminds me of the new slimmed down Tom Kerridge) and very welcoming staff.

A mix of table and chairs

and leather sofas make it nice for a quick bite or to linger over a coffee.


On my visit it was full of seemingly happy punters doing both.

The food

They have a mix of standard/classic “board on the wall’ sandwiches and salads, which are far from your average sandwich bar fare


as well as daily specials.

You can also make up your own sandwich or salad.

The board includes toasted

and non toasted sandwiches. Both looked rather nice and offer good value for money.

Cakes are also available (sourced from the always good Cocorico). They all looked very tempting (I resisted),

as does their breakfast offering.

On my first visit, I had an exemplary smoked mackerel, horseradish and beetroot sub roll (£3.60 eat in, £3.20 eat out).


Mackerel is such an underrated fish and here it was classically paired with “clear the nasal passages” horseradish and earthy beetroot (not the overly pickled vinagery stuff). On a sub roll, it made for a perfect lunchtime sarnie.

Based on that first visit, my return had a lot to live up to and this time I went for one of the daily specials, in the form of “warm spring lamb,with a cool minted yogurt dressing and watercress” on a granary roll.


This consisted of lovely cubes of warm, tender as you like, tasty lamb, with a slightly tart minty yogurt dressing and some nice “proper” fresh and peppery watercress.

It came on a board (not keen on food served on a board, but maybe that is just me – I know I bang on about this, but seriously what is wrong with a plate) with a nice pile of salted crisps.

My sandwich was very tasty and filled me up nicely without the risk of wanting a mid afternoon nap. I thought it good value for the £5.50 price, bearing in mind the quality of the ingredients.

I liked the fact that they felt confident enough to forgo the seemingly obligatory, but usually utter waste of space, salad garnish based on my sarnie having enough greenery (ample watercress) in it already.

They had a choice of teas and coffees on offer (and soft drinks) and I went for what was a very decent latte (£2.30 regular, £2.60 large), with more than enough coffee in it not to be lost in the milkiness of a latte.


They happily provided still water with ice on request.

The verdict

Lovely little place which is a cut about your average cafe/sandwich joint. With it also having more to offer (in the form of salads, soups, cakes etc.) than just sarnies, it is a great day time spot for a feed.

Good ingredients, imaginatively paired and fairly priced is how I would sum up this place. All very yummy as the post title suggests.

Would I go back? Oh yes – second visit and was a happy bunny on both occasions. Can’t ask for much more than that can you – bar maybe from moving it a bit closer to my office perhaps.

The details


10 Windsor Place,
CF10 3BX

Tel: +(44) 07572 495766

Email: contact@milkand

Website :

Twitter: @milkandsugarcdf

Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 10am – 3pm

Enticing specials on board outside


  1. The tarte au chocolat is a must next time you go! Incredible. I’m not massively fussed on the decor of the place and it’s been deathly quiet both times I’ve been but the food, the coffee and the staff are all excellent. Hope it does well.


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