Nice and toastie – lunch at the Potting Shed, Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff.

Being self employed and working from home rather than going into an office (already seems a rather passé concept) means my lunch time forays have taken a rather different turn. No longer is Cardiff city centre (previously my mainstay for lunch) really a viable option (just a bit of a ball ache to get into just for lunch) and thus it is either local in Llandaff or a foray into the exotic East of Cardiff (anything east of North Road in my book) in the jalopy.

Llandaff has a surfeit of cafes, with 5+ within an easy walk of my gaff and I think it is a good thing to support these local businesses.

This week I kept it ultra local with a visit to Insole Court (a stone’s throw from Chez SF).

My previous visits to the cafe here have been for breakfast, with the pooch in tow, and it is a rather nice walk inside the grounds. With Oscar (my pooch) and me starting to feel our years a bit, it is an ideal spot for us both to potter around of a morning (always brightens up my day).

Have to say the house

and grounds are a lovely space.

and it is great to see the house being more and more utilised (inside and out) with all manner of functions, events, classes etc. It truly is a community hub and kudos to those that run it for the success they have made of it (someone selling veg. at the once monthly Farmer’s Market would be really nice – just saying).

One of the really nice touches is the offer to any and all of a warm sanctuary.

when the weather gets a bit Baltic (especially with the forecast suggesting a bit of a beast from the East incoming). Very welcome to many, I am sure, with the cost of heating the home these days.

I was (of course) there for the food, with the Potting Shed their on site cafe

and the lunch menu certainly has a focus on toast and the toasties (a rather neat segue from the keeping toasty offer in the main house, well I thought so).

Ideal as a break from the grind of the day at the desk, I always like to get out for a bit of fresh air and having a bit of greenery within easy reach is one of the benefits of where I live.

As a result Mrs. SF and I ambled the couple of minute walk over to the place

Regrettably the rather nice sounding beef cobber (with a rosemary and blue cheese scone) was sold out, so I defaulted to one of the on the counter specials

in the form of a croque madame.

Nice looking beast this,

with a properly runny egg, non plastic ham and a good cheesy, mustardy, hit to it.

Personally I refer white bread, but the wholemeal used here was perfectly nice.

Great to see a nicely dressed and substantial side salad rather the usual (waste of space) wisps of undressed garnish. All in all very enjoyable.

Mrs. SF went for the Welsh rarebit,

which was quite substantial and had a nice crust to it, under which was proper rarebit gooiness. Again a well dressed side salad (worthy of the name), with Mrs SF’s only slight criticisms being the mustard element of rarebit could have been just a bit punchier and the Worcestershire (the bane of any Amercian) sauce could have been applied a little more liberally.

On the drink front, they have a decent selection of hot drinks (not sure about cold)

Very gratifyingly, they did not ask me if I wanted milk (be it diary) or non dairy (not actually) milk (soya, oat or coconut 🤢) with my Americano (would’t be one if did would it, if you ask me).

Decent cup of coffee this. Seem a very popular spot for coffee (drink in and takeaway).

The verdict

Insole Court is such a nice place for a wander (great for getting part of the way towards my 10,000 steps daily target) and an added benefit is the ability to get a spot of lunch here. If you don’t fancy a walk (or don’t live within walking distance) there is the added benefit of a well sized carpark.

Popular for good reason and I am hoping the beef cobbler will be on for my next time visit.

The details

Address: Insole Court, Fairwater Road,
Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2LN.

Website :


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