The GOAT? Caribbean way, Grangetown, Cardiff.

With my new found working freedom, I am able to range around a bit more outside of the city centre in terms of lunch and a recent Friday lunch time (with me having shut up shop for the week) took me down to Grangetown (increasingly interesting with the Grange Pub, Matsudia Ramen – booking made – and this place, the Caribbean Way).

Seemingly more geared up to take away, there are a couple of tables and bar stools where you can plonk yourself down (which I duly did).

This place offers a wider selection of Carribean classics, including brown stew, goat curry, oxtail stew,  salt fish and ackee,  as well as a variety of jerk dishes.

For between £8 (chicken wings) and £12 (lamb chops) you can get a jerked protein,

with two sides.

If you drop to one side the prices drop to between £6 and £10.

On my lunch visit (at 12.30) the jerk wasn’t ready (actually think that is a good sign – no rushing it, it seems) so I defaulted to the Jamaican meals section

and zoned in on an old favourite in the form of goat curry (£8). Still rarely see goat over here, unless I am just looking in the wrong places, but it has such a good flavour with a slightly sweet, gaminess to it (which is great when it spars with a bit of chilli heat).

Decent looking plate this (tad beige on beige, but I get told I am beige all the time so no longer view it as a bad thing) and a very decent portion I thought.

The goat was beautifully tender and could be just sucked off the bone. Full of flavour too, with a touch of chilli heat but not too much so that it complimented rather than overpowered the meat.

Goats must be right boney buggers (not sure why seemingly much more so that a sheep, maybe it is just the cuts used for a goat curry), but cooking on the bone adds flavour and one of the joys here was gently teasing the meat off of the bones.

Came off clean as a whistle.

The rice and peas hit the spot nicely, with pleasing coconut notes and copious amounts of thyme. The coleslaw (looking at menu it suggests rice and peas or rice and coleslaw and salad, so I seemingly got a bit of a brucey bonus),

Whilst looking a tad mushy/watery the coleslaw actually hand a good crunch and decent acidity.

Only the undressed (but thankfully not limp) salad garnish (undressed and/ or limp salad garnish is a bit of a bugbear of mine) let the side down.

Really enjoyed this, with it having a good value to quality ratio.

On the drinks front they have a short selection of hot and cold numbers (no booze)

Whilst curious as to the Somali tea, it was blinking hot so I went for a ting.

One of my favourite sodas (again why do I rarely see it on retail shelves) and just the ting to cool my by then sweaty brow.

If I was taking away the goat curry and drinking wine I think a riesling or order a pinot gris would would well with this dish (avoid anything too oaked) and their jerk offering.

The verdict

Good goat curry this. Probably not the GOAT of 🐐 curries, but one of the best I have had to date (albeit from limited experience). Good value and a very tasty offering makes this a rather fine lunch time spot to my mind.

I am still keen to try their jerk offering (just have to go a bit later it seems) and also have always been intrigued by saltfish and ackee as a breakfast dish.

I did (on my way out) pick up some patties (beef and jerk chicken out of a choice of beef, lamb, jerk chicken, salt fish and veggies) for a bargain £2 a pop.

Had them for my dinner whilst looking after the invalid dog,

Cone-on the Pomeranian (Oscar is a Heinz 57 dog who has got a bit of everything else in him so probably bit of pom in the mix in there somewhere). 

These were rather nice, with the short crust pastry having a lovely golden hue (from turmeric I think).

Nicely spiced (cardamon and good thwack of chilli) to the interior filling too.

The details

Address: 104b Clare Road, Cardiff, CF11 6BT

Other detail:

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