Car park curry – Tiffin Meal, Canton, Cardiff.

In my new role as a freelance/contractor (subsidy control – contain your excitement at the back, as LA law/Ally McBeal it ain’t) lawyer (hopefully better work life balance, as I am starting to get on a bit and after 30 plus years even the likes of me get parole), I am working at home pretty much all the time now.

This has its pros and cons, with the cons being a lack of a collegiate atmostphere (I particularly miss my – now ex – work wife Rachel, me being at home all the time also seems to have increased the risk of Mrs. SF divorcing me – up from the standard 99% to 99.9% 😬) and not being in town to go out for lunch.

The pros include being my own boss (and thus I can now say unequivically that my boss is an absolute arse) and the flexibility to nip out and do things at any time (to be fair I could probably do that with my old work anyway).

On one such trip out (to the Cardiff burb of Canton, to pick up rations from Oriel Jones Butchers),

I happened upon Tiffin Meal.

It is a bright yellow pop up trailer/food truck,

located in the glamorous Canton’s Gray Street Pay and Display Carpark.

Interesting looking menu ranging from your standard curry and rice

to the likes of a chicken/lamb naanwich and a bombay hot dog . No, no idea either, but presumably not the traditional beef hot dog, as Bombay/Mumbai is majority Hindu (with a sigificant muslim population so unlikely to be pork either). Sounds intriguing though doesn’t it, as do the lamb keema fries.

Because I am a tight arse miser, I went for the “Meal Deal” curry and rice/naan combo, which I have (as per the blog title) named “Car park curry” due to the location.

If you can have a railway curry,  I don’t see why I can’t have a car park curry.

Whilst tempted by the £5 veggie “meal deal” (which included a rather fine sounding paneer jalfezi), I fancied a chicken curry so plumped for the chicken bhunna with rice (£6).

Decent sized portion (cooked over flame in a wok type affair, at least to finish it off – as oppose to the ping of a microwave), with plenty of tender chicken, a thick velvety sauce

and nicely fluffy, well cooked, rice.

I was asked if I liked it hot (chilli wise – nice to be asked), to which I rather unhelpful said yes, but not too hot (make up you bloody mind I imagine was his thinking).

What I got hit the brief nicely with a bit of tongue tingling heat, without anything too challenging for a chilli wuss like me. A pleasing blend of spice to this dish.

I, very happily, polished off the lot.

The verdict

Whilst perhaps not the most salubrious of  spots for lunch, my curry was nicely flavoured, a decent portion and pleasingly priced.

All in all a very nice lunch, I thought, which will definitely have me back for more.

The car park offers a free parking period (still have to get a ticket) which is more than long enough for lunch here (and do a spot of shopping).

The details


As well as the food truck/trailer, they are on Ubereats.


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